Danner is a God Fearing man, wanting to spread the word of Jesus to everyone. If you are in a tough time, call out to God and He will show you He is real. Pray this prayer to accept Jesus today as you Lord and Savior: Jesus, I'm a sinner, I know that You died on the cross 2,000 years ago for my sins and paid for them. I believe that you were risen from the dead three days later by the Holy Spirit that was released from Father God. I believe that my old nature of sin died when You died and that when You were risen, that now means I have new life of You because You came back. I want to know You, please enter my heart and soul and father me everyday. Help me to spread the word of You to as many people as I can. In Jesus name Amen. If you prayed this prayer you are saved!

Find Danner's personal testimonies of God being real and the reality of Him at jesuswokeme.tumblr.com