Danner has invented many effects and has discovered many realms in new media art. Due to this originality mentality Danner has, he has proved the he cannot only invent in art, but in just about any other area of business too. Danner had his own streetwear line at one point, having his clothes in four stores, managing everything himself. He's been a Digital Marketing Manager for a property management company where he took all of the interior and exterior photos of the properties, as well as managing and creating all the ads. Due to Danner's expertise, he managed to get 198 properties filled out of 200. From inventing the first commercialized digital art USB with the famous online publication "Cool Hunting" to also inventing the first ever digital art vending machine and getting an article on Yahoo!Finance, plus many other things that are about to release, Danner knows the components of what something needs to look like to make money. If you need any help with ideas for your company, current marketing program, such as diagnosis about what to add or take away in any way shape or form, placement of things, etc., Danner can do all of that. 

E-mail dannermilliken@gmail or call (910) 619-4391 for all inquiries.