Danner Milliken is a Christian new media artist with a focus in originality. In 2013 Danner invented and discovered multiple digital realms/effects that hadn’t been done in new media art. Since then he has made them into their own individual fine art series, as well as sometimes mixing them into collages. One of Danner’s most known and original series that he furthers on a regular basis is his signature [] (square) series. This series comes from him extracting small squares that consist of hidden engaging compositions, self-generated by his particular computer program. These squares are derived from certain shapes he picks from a technique he does to begin with on this certain program.

* Danner recently finished up a nostalgic/contemporary series called "NUSTALGIA", mixing of old and new. Danner found some old Windows 98 software that sparked this series idea. When he found the software, he luckily found an old Gateway Solo laptop that would support it. He took the interesting finds from his old laptop and transferred them to his current laptop by a floppy disk converter. He then added effects from his current-day laptop to the old icons, giving them an interesting revamp. From there he mixed his own photography, computer art and more with the older subjects into engaging compositions. 

E-mail: dannermilliken@gmail.com

To find all of Danner's work, go to http://dannermilliken.tumblr.com/ If interested in any of the pieces you see on there, that you don't see featured on this website, inquire at dannermilliken@gmail.com

Follow Danner on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dannermilliken/


* Education


B.A. in Art History, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Wilmington, NC

* Selected Group Exhibitions


UNCW, Ann Flack Boseman Gallery, All Student Show (1st Place/Best in Show). The university purchased Danner's winning piece (Aesthetic Dive) to be a part of the permanent collection in the Fisher University Union.


The Mercury Theatre Show, EN{JEUX}, Paris, FR


The Mercury Theatre, an Instagram Art Competition

* Collaborations 


Cool Hunting x dANNER mILLIKEN USB https://omakase.coolhunting.com/2017-products/

* Internet Publications


Cool Hunting http://coolhunting.com/design/ch-omakase-2017-danner-milliken


Homeostasis Lab http://www.homeostasislab.com/dANNER-mILLIKEN-1


VFILES https://www.vfiles.com/news/vfiles-selects-five-artists-that-are-comin-in-hot


The Mercury Theatre, i-D Magazine http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/the-mercury-theatre-is-turning-instagram-into-a-game 


Homeostasis Lab http://homeostasislab.com/dANNER-mILLIKEN


NewHive Danner's piece “Keebord” permanently archived on the front page of newhive.com (scroll down until you see it) NewHive is located in the New Museum in NYC.


SFMOMA Blog http://sfmoma.tumblr.com/post/98505410601/submissionfriday-danner-milliken-intur-001


Art on Tumblr http://art.tumblr.com/search/danner+milliken


Tumblr Radar (The Tumblr Art department chose one of Danner's pieces to be the background on the front page of Tumblr when people logged in, because of this it went viral)